Methods & Goals Explained (Classic)






Focusing on the Positive (Indoor Activity)

Each team member picks a partner. Partner A describes a negative situation to Partner B. The situation has to be work-related.Then Partner A discusses the experience again, but focuses only on the positive side of the situation. Lastly, Partner B tries to detect the learnings of Partner A’s experience.

Contributing to the outcome of a meeting (Indoor Activity)

We arrange a “fake meeting”. Before the meeting we encourage the participants to express what they expect to hear. When the actual meeting starts, we announce that the person who is going to participate the most, is going to have a special prize.

Work with all colleagues. Break the cliques. (Outdoor/Indoor Activity)

Scavenger hunt with multiple tasks. The highlight of this activity, is the fact that the members of each team are members who rarely work together.

Building Trust ( Outdoor/Indoor Activity)

We divide the group in two teams. One member of the team is blindfolded. The other members have to give the right directions to the blindfolded one, in order to successfully go through the obstacles.



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